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Local Breweries In Pensacola, FL

We carry many local beers from Pensacola and the surrounding area. Pensacola Bay Brewery, McGuire's Irish Pub, Gulf Coast Brewery & others that are in the area like Props Brewery in Ft. Walton and as we find other great beers we will stock them. We also work with Gary's Home Brewery and sell some of their supplies as well.


Seasonal Flavors!

Our seasonal flavors are designed to bring you the flavors of the season. Mead (honey wine) can blend well with several different flavors and each seasonal blend has been experimented for months to bring blends with flavors that are seasonal and delicious!

Bottles = $24.00
Glass = $8.50




Tour Times

Thursday & Friday at 8:00 PM
Saturday Noon - 2 PM - 6 PM - 8 PM
Sunday - Wednesday call for an appointment.



Choice of 3 Cheesecake flavors or Chocolate & 3 Honey Wine (Mead) Flavors!

(subject to availability)